Lunifer is a moon god, although is not immortal and not the most powerful unlike other life forms. Has a twin sister named Luna.


Lunifer is a orange haired boy, age unknown, although he looks 10-12. The usual outfit is a dark blue or orange shirt, and long pants. Lunifer has very long bangs, hiding a symbol of a black cresent moon on his forehead, a reminder of the night.


Lunifer is a very proud person, with lots of pride and energy. He's also terrific at games, skills, and sports. Master of lots of abnormal skills too, for example, standing on head, walking on hands, and taming wild animals. He sometimes takes trying to figure out things about the natural disasters, a game or challenge.


  • Moon Staff: With a few hand geestures, and the shout of MOONBEAM, a moon staff magicly appears. Can shoot moon beams of white and black.
  • Moon Boomerang: Can make black cresent moon boomerangs appear from hands and throw them at ememies.
  • Shadow Make: Only at night time, Lunifer can make shadow things, like a horse. When the sun rises, the shadows instantly disappears. Lunifer will usually spawn shadow animals to aid in battle, or shadow weapons.


  • Very senstitive to temeratures and sickness, like colds and fevers.
  • Very bad luck (can cause others to be hurt or even die by accident)
  • Panics and trys to commit suicide when people taunt him of his bad luck and the fact his bad luck killed his parents.


  • Eats a lot
  • Is fond of baking cakes
  • Loves animals
  • When ever trying to commit suicide, usually leaves a note first.
  • Very trustworthy